His Honour Judge Malcolm Simmons is a judge at His Majesty’s Courts Service and international justice reform consultant

Judge Malcolm Simmons is currently resident judge of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and British Antarctic Territory.  He is also His Majesty’s Coroner.  Judge Simmons served as an international judge from 2004 to 2017 hearing war crime and serious and organised crime cases.  He presided in many complex war crime and serious organised crime cases in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo during their troubled post-war periods. He served as President of EU International Judges from 2014 to 2017.  He is particularly well-known for his judicial reform work and has more than 20 years experience training judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

Judge Malcolm Simmons was Team Leader of the successful European Union project, a four-year project launched in February 2019 to provide technical assistance to targeted institutions and actors in the Maldives (both governmental and non-governmental) to strengthen rule of law, support justice reform and fight corruption and organised crime. Judge Simmons advised on the implementation of circuit courts; the introduction of a country-wide court communication and outreach strategy; access to justice for vulnerable groups; supporting the development of the Maldives Bar Council and increasing the capacity of the Maldives Anti-Corruption Commission through training and mentoring.

Following the successful conclusion of that project, Judge Simmons was asked by the European External Action Service to assist in designing its new engagement with the judicial authorities in Maldives.

Judge Malcolm Simmons has also been supporting the Judicial Service Commission design and roll out a new judicial performance evaluation program in Maldives.

The judicial performance evaluation policy was drafted by Judge Malcolm Simmons. Following the successful conclusion of a pilot project earlier this year, all judges and magistrates in the Maldives will now be subject to a performance review every two years.  The evaluation process will identify gaps in knowledge and skills and assist the Judicial Academy in delivering training courses to meet identified training needs.  The new evaluation policy will focus on legal reasoning, impartiality and integrity, professionalism, communication and case management. Judges will be assessed against a judicial competency framework. Judges who consistently fail to meet acceptable standards may be removed from office.

Since 2017 Judge Malcolm Simmons has advised senior judiciary and those responsible for the administration of justice.  Judge Simmons has significant experience in major justice and rule of law projects in the Maldives and Asia.  He conducted an assessment of the provision of judicial training; drafted the current training curriculum for judges; developed the policy to evaluate judges and magistrates; conducted training of trainer’s programs in, amongst other programs, criminal practice and procedure, judicial case management, ethics and conduct, legal reasoning and judgment writing, sexual and gender-based violence and civil procedure.  He also drafted the Criminal Courts Bench Book.

In 2022 Judge Simmons was invited to the opening of the judicial year and was a keynote spoke at the Judicial Conference where he shared a platform with the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.

Judge Malcolm Simmons was an international judge from 2004 to 2017, hearing war crime and serious organized crime cases.  He presided in cases involving war crimes committed during the conflicts in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Earlier this year Judge Simmons delivered training to Ukrainian war crime prosecutors and investigators on command responsibility and forensic evidence gathering in conflicts.

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