Judge Malcolm Simmons Presents Maldives Judicial Performance Evaluation Policy

Judge Malcolm Simmons recently arrived in the Maldives and is currently working with the Judicial Service Commission to roll out a new judicial performance evaluation policy.

On 9 September Judge Simmons delivered a presentation to the Chief Justice of the Maldives, the Chair of the Judicial Service Commission, the Attorney General and judges of the Maldives Supreme Court and High Court, explaining the purpose of judicial performance evaluation and the policy that has been adopted by judicial administrators in the Maldives.

During his presentation, Judge Malcolm Simmons stated: “All systems of evaluation share the common premise that the professionalism of the judge represents both the main source of legitimacy of the judicial function and a strong guarantee of its independence.”

The Judicial Service Commission will shortly commence a pilot project involving judges of the Superior Courts. Judge Simmons will continue to serve as an advisor.

Judge Malcolm Simmons is an international justice consultant. He advises governments on judicial reform and judicial training. He served as an international judge from 2004 to 2017 hearing war crime and serious organised crime cases.

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